Highly purified, standardized Ginkgo Biloba extract

Improve blood circulation and overall well being 1

Made in France

Trusted and used in 52 countries

What is Tanakan® EGb761®40mg?

Tanakan EGB761 (Extract Ginkgo Biloba 761) is a highly purified, standardized pharmaceutical grade Ginkgo Biloba extract. It is obtained through a proprietary manufacturing process in France that guarantees the quality and concentration of its content.

What is the benefit of Tanakan® EGb761®40mg?

Tanakan® with EGb761® 40mghas been clinically tested to increase micro blood circulation.

Why is Tanakan® EGb761®40mg highly recommended?

  • It fulfills the pharmaceutical quality in accordance to the German Commission E and WHO recommendation.2
  • Its pharmaceutical grade quality is uncompromised.
  • Its Gingko Biloba usage is supported by numerous clinical studies around the world.
  • 52 countries worldwide can attest to its benefit.
  • Tanakan® EGb761®40mg was strictly tested and approved by the Malaysian Drug Control Authority and is classified as safe for long-term consumption.

How is Tanakan® EGb761®40mg made?

Tanakan® EGb761®40mg is produced under stringent cultivation and manufacturing process which guarantees the quality, consistency and dependability of Tanakan®40mg.

"Controlled Harvesting"
The Gingko Biloba leaves used are harvested under strict control from specialized plantations in France, USA and China. This ensures the high standard and purity of the leaves, which are exclusively used in Tanakan® EGb761®40mg.

"Patented Extraction Process"
Tanakan® EGb761®40mg is the result of a nine-step extraction process available only in Ireland and France. This proprietary extraction and purification process is designed to optimize the extraction of the active ingredients while removing impurities to produce a consistent product.


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2. Stucker O. et. al. Gingko Biloba extract (EGb761) and capillary red blood cells velocity, Advances in Gingko Biloba Extract Research, Elservier Paris, 1994, 3:31-7.